Also, sometime this week (the 23rd, I think), marks way too many years that I've been doing this whole 'blogging thing'. I'm not sure if it's sad or not, but... it's weird to read past entries and see how things were for me x number of years ago, or how my 'voice' has changed as I've evolved and grown *old*.

Secondly, next month, on Valentine's Day, will mark two years that I've had Thena in my life. She actually turned 2 around the beginning of the year, and Venus will be 2 sometime this summer, according to my math. My kitties are old and annoying, especially when Venus chews on my fingers. I keep threatening to get another kitty to keep her company, but the Smooshy doesn't seem to care for that thought.

In addition, the Smooshy and I have officially started our apartment hunt. The apartment that we saw last night (two, actually, in the same dwelling) was advertised as being at a major intersection downtown, but was actually the opposite end of one of those major streets (about 5 blocks away from my last place, which was 4 blocks away from this major intersection). The smaller place was fairly nice, though smaller than my current place; the second apartment had a neat loft area where the second bedroom was, as well as some additional space. Unfortunately, they were asking $1275 for it, which is out of the budget for Smooshy and I, and not raally worth it for that location. No matter; we're still looking. In fact, we have appointments to look at places tomorrow and Saturday, and I've passed along one or two others to him today.

I hope that any place we do find has good neighbours; I'm getting really tired of the inconsiderate louts I keep finding myself living next to. :P

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CeltiX said...

Move to this side of the river, apartments are cheap here! :P