Okay, so, it's a bit of a bad thing when you never update your website anymore. I just updated The Whore's Boudoir for the first time in let's not say when. Partly it's because I'm heading out of town for the weekend, and figured I'd leave you guys something to discuss in the meantime. Also, it's partly because I finally had something I wanted to write about.

There's been many rants I've wanted to post that were work-related, but I've always been very careful to keep that side censored, and it's something I'm practicing even more. Also, blah blah busy blah blah knitting blah blah video games.

I started classes last week. I can finally remember the name of the course -- Public Communications Campaigns. Some of the reading I got to do the other night included such winning phrases as 'communicating communicatively,' 'nouning,' 'verbing,' and 'sense-making'. That last one isn't too bad until you realize that it was the reason for the 'nouning' and the 'verbing'. I could give you lessons in the subject matter, but I seriously doubt many, if any, of you want to benefit from my coursework.

It still feels a bit weird to talk about 'my undergrad' and 'my grad'-level courses. I don't think I sound pretentious in class when I mention doing my undergrad, since we're all there for the same end purpose, but it still feels weird sometimes. It's also odd to be surrounded by all of these people who have lived lives and done incredible things, and I look at my little lifetime and feel like I haven't done much of anything -- at least not career-wise. It doesn't really help that I don't really know what my dream job is (although I keep saying it's doing communications work for the Humane Society), so I keep plugging away and learning and amassing skills. I'm certainly not wasting my education or my time, but sometimes I just feel like I'm not doing much of anything. This may be old hat to many of you.

Anyhow, this isn't my usual, 'oh my god, my life is going nowhere' complaint, so don't worry about that. Just an observation, more than anything. :) It is weird to think that just two years ago I was thinking that I wasn't qualified to do anything other than sell books, teach clarinet, work at an animal hospital or at a radio station, and now I've had more than a couple of interviews and potential opportunities based on my skills alone. It feels nice to be employable, even if some people think communications work is bullshit. :)

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