Once upon a time, I worked as a receptionist for a local animal hospital. We answered the phone with, "[Name of animal hospital], [our name] speaking." I said Jen; it's what I like to go by.

There were areas where notes could be left for the receptionists. In my section, I kept a list of names that people had called me other than Jen -- this included, from memory, Denise, Dan, Ian, Jan, Jane, Janet, Janine, Jeanie... I don't think I have an especially masculine voice, so the male ones were a bit of a stumper. The rest are, while not always especially close to Jen, at least understandable.

I made a few appointments today to look at some apartments in the region. I spoke with one woman, and as has been my habit with all of these calls, I identified myself at the start of the call as Jen [last name] -- partly force of habit to add the last name, it's true.

Somehow, out of Jen, she got Chantale. When I corrected her at the end of the call, as we were finalizing the appointment, she asked me somewhat incredulously, "Didn't you say your name was Chantale?!"

Uh... no?

I'm a bit afraid if she's part of the management team.

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Sarah said...

When I was looking at apartments during the summer I was extremely worried and scared by some of the landlords/supers I talked to who seemed completely incompetant regarding basic things, appointment times, answering questions about what's included, understanding the difference between a 2 bedroom apartment for rent and a bedroom for rent in a 2 bedroom apartment. I would hate to think how they deal with managing a building and tenants.