What can I say? I'm bored:

Blame Shawnathan for this one.

Here is how it works:

I put my MP3 player of choice on random, and post the opening line(s) from the first thirty songs that pop up, out of my entire music library, no matter how embarrassing.

You guys get to guess the artist/song -- without cheating (using Google, for example). I'mma bold songs and write down who got what right as people go along.

Additional note: There's some random shit in here, 'cause I'm like that. I did remove one or two that were complete give-aways (i.e., the song title was the first sung part). It'll be interesting to see how much of this peoples actually get. :) Some food prize to whoever gets the most!

1. Restless tonight/'Cause I've wasted the light
2. She likes to read/I like tv
3. This is how we do it/When we do it/Like we just wanna tear the club up
4. I rode my bicycle past your window last night/I rollerskated to your door at daylight
5. Softly now/You owe it to the world/And everyone knows that you're my favourite girl
6. Hanging out behind the club on the weekend/Acting stupid, getting drunk with my best friends
7. Tear the roof off/We're gonna tear the roof off the mother sucker
8. I'm a girl and by me that's only great/I am proud that my silhouette is curvy
9. Eyes boring away to me/Paralyse/Controlling completely
10. I can't get to sleep/I think about the implications
11. A little sexual frustration/Combined with lack of motivation
12. You know I used to be a bad girl/I got busy in the bathroom at my high-school prom
13. (First 'sung' lyrics): Me and Fast got the gats/We're out to rob a bank/We got Steve outside carrying a full pack.
14. (First sung lyrics): Try to OD on the Cold-Eeze/One girl's got me sweating to the oldies
15. I wish you could meet my girlfriend/My girlfriend who lives in Canada
16. When your baby/Leaves you all alone/And nobody/Calls you on the phone
17. (First sung lyrics): That ain't five-oh/That's the funk-yo
18. Getadelt wird wer Schmerzen kennt (major points for this one)
19. Yeah! Inter-national, underground/Thunder pounds when I stomp the ground
20. When you were here before/Couldn't look you in the eyes
21. Swollen Members gunna make us stop/Take a minute and remember who takes the top
22. (First sung lyrics): Well woman the way the time cold I wanna be keepin' you warm
23. Here me now/Oh thou bleak and unbearable world/Thou art based and debauched as can be
24. I'm not feeling alright today/I'm not feeling that great/I'm not catching on fire today
25. So if you're lonely/You know I'm here waiting for you
26. Although my lover lives/In a place that I can't live/I kind of find/I like a life this lonely
27. (First sung lyrics): There she goes shaking that ass on the floor/Bumpin' and grindin' that pole
28. Nobody rocks 'em up like Dujour/Dujour/Ride on your motorbike with Dujour
29. His bed is on fire with passionate love/The neighbours complain about the noises above
30. You don't have a clue/What it is like to be next to you/I'm here to tell you/That it is good

And a bonus...
31. (It came up twice, it can't be denied): The sun'll come up tomorrow/bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun

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