Let's see, a few thoughts from tonight:

"Careful, there are nipples in there!"

Pulling hair is fun.

"I've just never had so many married men interested in me!"

I feel self-conscious when the attention is focused on me. Must work on this.

Turtlenecks up to my chin for days.

People like when you make noise. Must work on this, too.

I need to figure out my sexuality or its quirks and oddities. Work on being more comfortable with myself, for sure.

Why is it acceptable for guys to be quiet in the bedroom, but it's such a major disappointment when girls are?

Need to work on finding someone kinky.

Need to figure out what to make at the next leatherworking night -- or at least, how to put my thoughts into a real piece (waist restraints, with possible separate piece for attaching to collar, in case I forget).

It's good to learn other peoples' boundaries, or lack thereof. It's also good to learn the boundaries or lack thereof of the spouses.

Moment of weakness: I miss the Smooshy.

Moment of strength: I think I'm regaining some male attention, which is nice. Not sure what's going on with one of those males, but... stop overthinking and overplanning everything.

Hahaha. As if that's possible.

Kissing is good (I miss you, too). Especially (in some ways) when it's in the dark, on the rain-soaked street at odd hours of the morning.

Does this make sense to anyone but me?

I'm horny, and going to bed. Alone. Oh well.

P.S. I haven't had a drop of booze to drink in several days. I'm just that tired and/or bemused by the evening.

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