A partial post from some time ago. It's partial, so be kind:

This summer, I will be turning 26. As with any age, some people are going to find that really old, and others are going to find it really young. Other peoples’ perceptions aren’t really that important to me in this regard.

What is important to me is how I feel about this age. I feel both very young and very old. Helpful, isn’t it? I’ve bemoaned many a time about how I felt I’d be at point Q by this age, when in reality I seem to be at point C. I’ve more or less come to grips with most of that; after all, there are people younger than me who are married and may or may not have kids, and there are people older than me who are still living at home or who really hate life. Each person’s path is their own, and within a certain circle of my personal judgement, there isn’t much I can or will say about that.

However, what’s really struck me the last little while is that each of us only has one life to live – at least, only one life of which we’re aware (the rest is another posting for later). As much as I’ve been mocked for it, I have said at times that when I die, I’m not going to wish I’d spent more time cleaning. And for at least one person I know of who’s going to judge me for that one, I’ve seen how you live, and you’re no better than I – and in some ways, you’re worse.

Life is too short to waste time on pursuits that you really hate. That involves doing a job that you detest, hanging out with people who don’t benefit you in some way, shape or form, or pursuing activities that ultimately don’t enhance you.

That sounds selfish, I know. Maybe I’m part of a selfish generation, I don’t know. But what exactly do I gain from hanging out with people who bother me, offend me, upset me, or otherwise don’t interest me? Why do that when I can spend time with my friends, who support me, encourage me, make me laugh, make me feel special, make me feel respected and loved? How about the friends that have gotten me through difficult times, who’ve listened to me rant and roar over and over again, and have just been there for me when I needed them?

Benefit is a selfish and maybe misleading way of describing it, but that’s ultimately what it boils down to. Maybe it sounds cold or whatnot, and maybe people think I’m not a good person for judging my friends or evaluating them in this manner, but I think it’s what a lot of us do – I’m just more willing than some to admit it.

Hell, I have heard and even used the term ‘cull the herd’ to refer to friends before. I’m obviously not unique in either this benefit theory, or the belief – that some people simply don’t seem to benefit the greater sum.

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