My first full day as an ambassador of the great republic nation of Canuckistan has gone well. Debates have raged over who of us has the actual accent (I vote not me), and I have explained in great detail the problems of our rogue telephone-pole-drilling penguins who attack peoples' ankles... which is why one must wear proper socks (ask me about it in detail, or wait until I'm not potentially disturbing my friends' sleep to properly explain it).

I've seen a fair bit of architecture, gotten caught in a decent-sized downpour, observed and participated in an improv comedy show, seen a few films quality films (Big Trouble in Little China and the Last Action Hero), eaten lots of food, cursed my body's sense of timing, and had lots of chats. I also looked at some really neat artwork today, and if I was rich, I might've been able to afford a few pieces.

Anyhow, off to bed shortly. More reports from the field later.

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