So, is it too much to hope, in light of the way everything's been the last while, for things to go smoothly? I know I'm being completely selfish (when haven't I been, really), but... I don't want to ruin everything. At the same time, things can't continue as they have been, because I'm acting in ways I don't really like. I don't want to be this person, and I have to change it.

In other, less-vague news, I hung out with Shawnomotron for the first time in about a million years last night. I finally got to hear about some of the stuff that's gone on with him (some I knew, some I didn't), and I learned there's a website where you can get custom condoms made. Something to check out later, when I'm on my home connection (what *must* Rogers think of me!). I also filled him in a bit on what's been happening the last forever, and got his advice, which pretty much was in line with my brain thoughts on the matter.

I also got to see his new apartment and we spent time engaging in our kind of conversation (i.e., the mashing of private parts and the stroking of stomachs), and discussing circumsized vs. uncircumsized penises. Intellectual conversation, indeed! But fun, and except for the stomach ache I had on my walk home (I missed one bus that I didn't feel like running for, and no others passed me the 30-some minutes it took me to get home, which was fine 'cause I wanted the walk anyways), it was a good evening.

In other good news, this week has passed quickly. I like those rare occasions when that happens. Sounds as though I have some fun plans this weekend, too -- going to do some shopping and errand-running with GLR tomorrow (I desperately need jeans, and I have some birthday money I can use), I'm going with Andrea to pick out yarn for her mitts at my mom's store on Saturday, and hopefully I'll get some time for me in there.

I've also come that much closer to finishing my smoker's mitts; they just need ends sewn in and flaps sewn on, and they'll be complete. I'm looking forward to them, I think they'll be cool. It's nice to be able to wear something you made yourself. Maybe I can get Andrea to start swapping me -- she'll sew, I'll knit. :)

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