So, is what I'm thinking and feeling genuinely valid in and of itself, or is it just because there are other situations that are different?

*sigh* If only there were ways of melding every quality of every person in my life I like -- friends and non-friends alike -- to make a super-person, that would be awesome. Or awful. People are good with flaws.

It's been a very good socializing weekend. I spent some excellent, though limited, time with Ben the other night, and just came from a hang-out with Andrea, Stefan and Jordan in which much laughing and chatting took place. I really value my friends; I know some fantastic people that I really care about.

I also hung out with P (the Geek), and the Newf, and the Newf has passed along whatever most recent dread disease he suffered from. Yay, me. So I'm going to go to bed to try to sleep as much of it off as I can (I already slept for almost two hours earlier today, but I only got about 5 last night, so that could also be a contributing factor) and then hopefully get some writing done tomorrow before I meet up with everyone for Greg's birthday celebrations -- and some more good hanging out, I hope.

My coworker will kill me if I'm out this week from bronchitis or whatever dread disease I may have contracted. I'm hoping it'll just be a cold, but we'll see. The antibiotics were helping him (even though he didn't know what he had, just that he had antibiotics around that he took), so I may yet get to spend some time in a clinic or at my doctor's office, depending on how I feel in a day or two. *sigh* Just like in the fall, when I had the project due I kept putting off, now I'm sick again. My own damn fault, as usual. :P

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