Apparently my hormones are messing with my head. I just had a brief flash of, "wow, I'd like to have a baby." Frightening.

Consideration is being given to moving into an estate home in one of the monied parts of town with a number of other people. There's a chance I'd have to play bitchy mom, keeping people in line about rent and other bills, but not necessarily. Stefan has a great deal of it planned out, including regular communication/house meetings that keep everyone talking, and things written on paper that will help keep us all agreed to certain terms and conditions. The fact that there's also 3 kitchens and 3 full bathrooms is very encouraging, too. I'm going to be looking at the place tomorrow. The rent isn't going to be a huge savings from what I'm paying now, but the drop in some of the bills will be handy.

I saw Red Eye and Hookwinked on Saturday with M and N. Hoodwinked was okay, and all of the voices that I pegged I was right on -- what a useless skill. Red Eye was pretty good, though we did make fun of it a fair bit, planning what we'd wear for our next flights that would help us in the event of a homicidal maniac trying to attack us. Got a bit more cross stitching done in the afternoon, and spent a bunch of time during the movies and then again on Sunday knitting.

I'm feeling very jittery right now for some reason. Apparently my morning diet Pepsi has hit me harder than usual, which is weird. :P

My sister and I picked up paint supplies at GLR's workplace on Sunday. He was getting (fake?) frustrated with my inability to decide on a colour, but I take no blame for that; it's my mom's dresser, and her guidance on colour was simply "light to medium." So we ended up settling on a light blue colour that I think will look nice. Part of the problem I'm having is trying to envision the poor thing in any other colour than its current yellowy-beige ugliness; my brain is picky about when it's creative.

Friday night I ran around and did some errands with GLR. I finally got new jeans, including two pairs of ultra-low rise jeans that are more flattering than I expected them to be. I also managed to trade in some video games I'll never play, find out I couldn't trade in my bag of books just yet, and find nothing that really struck my fancy in Le Chateau (I have a store credit I want to use sometime this lifetime).

I'm also working on improving my financial situations where possible. Rogers has helped me out a little, my gym is trying to help me out (I hope), and I'm a bit better off (I think) than I thought I was. Still fairly tight, but I'm doing what I can. Cutting back on buying food out of laziness or because of being pressed for time is helping a bit.

I had my first class last week, and it's going to be challenging, but I think good. The prof seems good, and there are only six people in the course, including a girl with whom I had some classes in my undergrad. I have to present our readings next week, partly because I wasn't there to sign up for readings the week before; I really don't mind that it's that early, because then I get it out of the way. This means I actually have to do them and soon, though; I slacked this weekend and I still have to get through a few of the ones from last week, so that's part of today's plan. Apparently reading trashy romance novels (i.e., 'How I Spent My Saturday Afternoon') isn't quite the same. :)

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