I consider it yet another of my body's cruel ironies that the time at which I feel like crap and sort of want no one touching me, I also want someone to take me and fuck my brains out.


Word Nazi, PhD said...

I don't think that's technically irony. What you have there is a dichotomy.

For it to be irony, there has to be some kind of discrepency between action and spoken intentions. As an example, you'd have to secretly loathe having your brains fucked out yet tell everyone to do so, which they subsequently do. Dialogue and interaction are key here. Without any brains getting fucked out, and without intercourse(please admire my pun), there simply is no irony.

Jamie said...

If you're podering what I think you're pondering, orgasms are good for relieving cramps.

But you probably know that already.

Jen said...

In theory they are, but in practice, not always.

Plus, there's the fact that my cervix moves around (or seems to) and makes some parts of sex uncomfortable during my period.

Jamie said...

Reminds me of the wandering womb the medical establishment used to believe in. It's the origin of the word hysteria, in fact.