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I remembered what else I wanted to talk about yesterday, and it ties a bit into my post. One of the nice things about getting older and meeting people is that it becomes easier to meet people who have a basic idea of what's going on in relationships and/or the bedroom. Suddenly you're meeting guys who understand how to manipulate the g-spot or not anger the clit, and it's wonderful. The training time is cut in half, and the enjoying time is greatly increased.

Now, if you're lucky and it's what you're looking for, feelings go along well with these experiences, too. It's really nice to be able to cuddle with someone after sharing a positive sexual experience and feel warmed and comforted, or even to just share a moment like that without the sex side.

As much as I like my boys to have experienced a bit of life, sometimes it's a bit depressing to suspect or realize that it isn't the first time that the partner has been so into cuddling, or saying sweet nothings or whatnot. But as it was pointed out to me last night, and as I should know from my own history, we're not the same with every person we date, so some behaviours might be new -- after all, they might've been rebuffed by past partners. Who knows?

It's funny that I wrote a post about baggage, given that I've been working through a bunch of mine recently without even really realizing it. It was when I was talking to Shawn last night that I realized what I was doing. I'm a drunk monkey.

Speaking of drunk, I went out on Friday with Ben, Moose and the third brother, and a few other folk. I had three Smirnoff, which is a good night for me, and had a good conversation with Moose. I lost the pool games I played, but managed to keep everything together, so I don't feel bad. I'm not the best pool player -- I just get lucky breaks sometimes -- and I haven't played in forever. Now I kinda want to play again.

Anyhow, after going home, I futzed around online for awhile, and wound up in a really interesting, really revelatory conversation with the Newf for awhile. I don't know if it's the holidays, or his circumstances, or what the story is, but there was stuff in there that was both good and surprising to learn. We arranged to go for lunch the next day to continue the conversation and simply hang out, since we haven't seen one another since things ended (aside from one brief afternoon when he dropped off my stuff and picked up his roommate's game, which I'd borrowed), but that didn't pan out. Ah well. :)

I was making myself stupid yesterday, which I'm prone to do, and my supportive friends are wonderful. :D And by supportive, I'm being heavily sarcastic, but also serious. Basically, they are supportive, but they're supportive in the same way that I am -- abusively. I love it, 'cause it makes me laugh and points out how ridiculous I'm being. In cases where real support is needed, it's obtained, and given in return.

And it looks as though I'll be going into work on my three days off. Boo. Originally it was looking like it would be a 15-30 minute job, depending on where they wanted things posted, but now it's turning into a half-day, given the new work that's come about.

Dear fellow employees: if you suspect that you will need a web page by January 1, then please do not try desperately calling your web employees December 22nd, at 11:50 to request the work get done. Especially since this is the creation of a new page, not a simple posting. Also, just because the Regulations take effect January 1 doesn't mean that registrants really will be submitting things that day. Possibly January 2, when we're all back at work will be sufficient? Argh.

And finally, in another point-and-laugh at Jen moment, my home phone rang this morning around a quarter to ten, waking me up. I have a phone on my headboard, so it's easy to grab (if I remember to keep it in its cradle). I took a second to try to wake up a bit, then answered. The caller asked for Ron; I wasn't sure I'd heard the name right, so asked who. She asked, 'isn't this 555-1234?'

Now, I'm pretty sure the number she gave actually was mine, but I can't think first thing in the morning, so my response was, 'this is 555-... I'm sorry, I don't remember what number this is.' We hung up shortly after.

Now, I've had this number ever since I moved into this place, and while I don't use it as much as I do my cell phone, I am generally able to recite it when it's asked for. Sometimes I second-guess myself, but I'm usually right. Not being able to remember what it is at all, well, that's just me. :)

And second finally, Venus went to the vet yesterday and eventually ended up curled up in my jacket (with a bit of my help, but she was very willing). It was very cute, and I took pictures with my cell phone. If Ben and I end up hacking my various phones as planned, or if I get off my butt and spend the $0.30 to mail it to myself, I'll post it. She was very well-behaved at the vet, and so I'll probably keep her another month or two. We'll see if she behaves in the meantime.

Anyhow, merry Christmas to all of you, and be nice to your loved ones. Spend some naked cuddling time if you get the chance, and if you want to hang out, drop me a line. I'm all about socializing and slightly about school during this break. :)


Jamie said...

Howzabout naked socializing?

Jen said...

I've been trying to set that up, but having no luck!

Jamie said...

If I'd known that, maybe I would have come over after all.