I'm conducting an informal poll to try to rectify and/or correct assumptions I've always made that I'm now learning are faulty.

Basically, I'd appreciate it if you'd comment with the answer, as long or as short as you'd like, to the question(s):

Do you masturbate?
If no, why not?
If yes, how often on average?

You're more than welcome to comment anonymously if you'd like. This will help me out in a future Whore's Boudoir article I'm developing.

Thanks. :)


Prospero said...

Yes, two or three times a week. And that is in addition to regular sex with my partner.

But you didn't ask why! I work from home and it breaks up the day. :) I know, I know. That and no commuting. I've died and gone to heaven!

Jen said...

Well, I figured the why was so obvious that I'd get made fun of for asking. :)

Carl said...

I'd offer some info too but the frequency is subject to a complicated formula. It would take a lot more than a little comment window to explain. Frequency varies a lot for me.

Daigu said...

At least daily, if not twice daily or more...plus sex with my girlfriend most days. Why do you ask?

Jen said...

As I said, working on correcting some theories, and writing a new Whore's Boudoir article.

Also, I'm impressed -- you've slowed down. ;)

Daigu said...

well, it varies, and I might have been understating it since this is a public forum;) Some people sit down and watch tv for half an hour to relax, I sit down and get off...seems far more productive, at least in my mind.