In the epic battle between my upstairs/next-door neighbours and I, I believe I scored a point last night.

See, I was up way too late playing video games and having a pissing contest with a friend online. Just as I was getting ready for bed (around 1 a.m. -- like I said, way too late), my neighbours decided to start up their Pink Floyd -- loud enough that I could hear it in my bedroom. Usually I only hear their music in my living room, and although I think it's still quite disrespectful, I leave it be. But last night, I decided fuck 'em and called bylaw.

Now, the fun part about calling bylaw? After midnight, they don't have any officers on the road, and it's the cops that get dispatched. I live in a semi-sketchy part of town, so there are frequently cops around, too. I was really hoping that my neighbours were drunk or stoned or something and might also mouth off to the cops, but I don't think that was the case, though I wasn't trying to listen -- I just wanted the music off.

The dispatch guy I spoke with was entertained by my way of giving my complaint, though; I started by saying I wanted to give a complaint against (address), and he asked me the standard questions, like my contact information and so on. He asked for the nature of the noise (or complaint, memory eludes me right now), and I answered Pink Floyd, which I'm pretty sure got a laugh out of him. Then I said it was very very loud, which was how they seemed to prefer playing it and we finished up the call.

So, if we count the week's total of sleep so far, we're looking at:

Monday night, up too late and up early.
Tuesday night in Toronto, up late, up early. Some sleep on the train, though.
Wednesday night, up late and up early.
Thursday, a nap in the afternoon, up until very late, up early.
Friday night, up late, dreamed about coding (argh!), up early.
Saturday night, in bed early, slept poorly, up early-ish.
Sunday night, up late, up early (back to work, who wants that?).
Last night, up very late, slept in a bit, slept poorly.

Also, I can officially play the female excuses card for any complaints I have to make; granted, it doesn't generally make me bitchier than usual (which isn't saying much, I know, I know), but it's still a fun card to play on people who buy into the stereotype.

A stereotype which pisses me off greatly, so I'm many kinds of hypocrite for playing that card, and I hate hypocrisy. Isn't it grand being me?

Also, on my last day in Toronto, I picked up a Billy Talent CD and a My Chemical Romance CD. I'm almost ashamed because apparently they constitute emo music, but at the same time, I kinda don't care, I like them.

And finally, last night I bought a used Gamecube. I'm amusing myself by playing a scaredy-cat Italian who humps things and calls for his brother while vacuuming up ghosts after stunning them with his flashlight. When I first heard about Luigi's Mansion, I thought it was the dumbest thing in the world, but oh my, does it make me giggle.

And in case you hadn't noticed, I'm home sick today. At least my neighbours picked a good night to piss me off.


FunkyM said...

Maybe the Wizard of Oz came on TV and they were forced to throw on Dark Side of the Moon against their better judgment?

And as we all know the only way to listen to Dark Side of the Moon is with the volume set to 11!

Jamie-who-talks-to-you said...

If you need an extra humping Italian, you know where to reach me.

Jen said...

Yes, but that would still require you leave your apartment. :)

Jamie said...

You'd be surprised what I can do with sufficient motivation.