I may be mistaken and/or reading too much into things (you know, being too hopeful), but it's possible that all of this exercising is having a beneficial effect.

I also have my bike out now, and I rode it back and forth to my training yesterday, and went home at lunch. So now my butt hurts, but I'll live. The tires need fixing up though, which I'll be getting Stefan's help for.

Time for a shower; day two of training in Project Management for Results (or Success?) begins soon. At least my internet is working again on my cell -- entertaining joking with the tech guy when he can't understand that I'm joking half the time, and the other half he's making awkward jokes.

I really hope I was mistaken about the potatohead in the course maybe sort of not really flirting with me. I'm so not interested...

Also, everyone come out and join us for laserquest on Saturday. Details are available on request.

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Shawn said...

srsly tho

Call me sometime!