Well, I'm sure you've noticed I haven't exactly been updating a lot lately. I can't really explain why... there's been a lot of things I've wanted to write about, but somehow when I have the time I don't have the inclination -- or I seem to get ... not paralyzed, but I'm just not as apt as I usually am to sit down and write.

There've been a number of things I've been slacking at, not limited to cleaning, schoolwork, dealing with the little errands that have to be dealt with (note to self: buy toilet paper), but I don't have a really good excuse for it.

I haven't even been running a lot lately, partly because a few weeks ago I tripped and fell leaving my apartment, and managed to injure my foot and bruise my tailbone. Oh yes, I am the picture of grace and gentility. The saddest part? It hurts my bum when I sneeze. Not that I'm pathetic or anything.

Digger seems to be returning to himself; I haven't heard anything in awhile one way or another from the folks. The vet did put him on some anti-inflammatories again, after the antibiotics and first round of anti-inflammatories ended, but he seemed back to himself even before that. Poor tortured man...

I saw Carl's request for the 8 things about me bit, and part of my difficulty in posting the last while has been trying to come up with 8 things to say that you guys don't already know. I did realize I could use parts of another post I was going to make, so I think I can fulfill the request:

1. Whenever I pass roadkill, I have to try to identify what animal it is/was. I don't know why.
2. I find men's wristwatches -- the big, heavy ones with the silver wristbands -- to be really sexy to see on a man's wrist. Granted, it helps if the guy has nice wrists to start (and no, I couldn't identify what constitutes a 'nice wrist' -- though it helps if the guy isn't paler than me).
3. I find ankle bracelets really sexy, and I love wearing them, but feel that there isn't much point with my tattoo.
4. I don't care much about diamonds, and don't do flashy jewelry.
5. I have a 4ft tall teddy bear named Paws that my aunt (my dad's sister) made me for my first Christmas. I slept on him until I was about 15-16, and still do sometimes when I'm having a really bad night or simply can't sleep.
6. As a corollary to that one, I also used to believe that if I was crying about something (loss of a pet, loss of a boyfriend, hurt by a friend, etc.), everything would be okay if all of my tears landed on Paws.
7. I consider one of my more embarrassing moments to be the time I was drunk and peed in a park.
8. Regardless of how readily I remember someone or some fact about them, I'm always surprised when someone remembers me or details about me.

I'll challenge those of you who are still checking this site to reply in kind. :)

I've also noticed an annoying trend as I drive around town -- very few people seem inclined to use their turn signals when they're doing maneuvers. This makes me very annoyed, and friends/ex-boyfriends can attest to the fact that I've nagged people about this in the past. I've also been mocked for signalling turns in parking lots at 2 in the morning, but I don't care -- I figure if you start slacking about when you signal your turns 'when it doesn't matter', then you're likely to slack on signalling turns when it does.

I have some thoughts on friendships and difficult friends that I want to share at some point, but I have to get off my lazy butt and go out for exercise. I've set a goal that's theoretically realistic, but since I am a lazy lazy mess, it becomes less so.

I also need to go shopping for a dress in the next while... anyone interested in accompanying me? :) The boy would probably be willing, but I've told him I'm interested in surprising him.

Yes, there is a boy -- another reason for my lack of computer time the last while. Been dating for some time, it's going well... he's a good guy. We have a similar sense of humour, we have a decent number of interests in common, and we complement one another, I think. He's much more quiet than I am; I know, I know, big surprise. I hear that a lot. :P Anyhow, in some ways I'm more energetic than he is, and in other ways, he's much more energetic than I -- he's athletic and has been for most of his life. But he also acts on things, which I like. We discuss potential ideas for plans, like ballroom dancing lessons, and then they happen. I like this about him, and it presents a big difference from some past relationships I've had. That's not to say that we don't have our lazy, sluggish days, but we have active ones, too.

I had coffee with FB, the ex-boyfriend a little while ago. It went fairly well; I left feeling decent about the event, instead of the frustrated feeling I'd had going in. He'd made a comment in an email exchange about how he'd like to be able to hang out with me without having to lie to people -- it turns out that he's started seeing someone new, and didn't want to or couldn't tell her about me; he said that he'd had issues with me hanging out with some of my exes, or having them in my life, especially since he's the type to cut bait once a relationship is over. The AB factored into one particular 'memorable' occasion that helped feed into why I ended things. I made fun of him a bit for that, and told him not to assume everyone's like him.

Personally, I think it's a bit better to be honest with your SO about things like that -- otherwise, it makes it look worse than it is. I remember the Smooshy used to have lunch periodically with his ex-gf, and I always knew when he'd done it, because he'd tell me he'd been out for lunch, but wouldn't say who with until I pressed him. I was never upset about it, but I did tell him several times that his hiding it made it seem as though there was something to be upset about. That and the fact that he had a pair of her underwear (that she'd left behind and he'd washed for her, but kept 'forgetting' to return to her -- yet somehow this underwear was at my place and stayed there the entire time he was 'living with me' (in quotes because of the lack of financial support he provided)) made me have some suspicions, but I figured he was too much of a Smoosh to cheat on me, so I was never actually that concerned.

Ah well... this has rambled on even more than when I originally posted it, and I do want to get out for a bit, so I'll leave off here. Rest assured, there will be more than enough details about the boy in future posts. ;)

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