Ridiculous things I obsess over #196:

I have a mole/beauty mark on my face. You may have seen or noticed it in pictures. I happen to like it, and it represents a part of my face that I'm fairly used to.

Well, a few weeks ago I had a pimple or something under it, which of course I couldn't leave alone. I have problems; I think that much is obvious. Anyways, it ended up scabbing, I scratched at it a few times, and now, the mole is pretty much gone, aside from some pink/redness where everything is still healing.

For about two weeks or more (I heal slowly), I've been stressing about whether or not this mole will grow back. I like having it, I want to still have it, and I'm worried I won't have it anymore.

Yet I'm not really worried about my unpaid bills or school (okay, that one's a lie). I'm worried about a stupid mole on my face. :P


Sarah said...

The same thing happened to me once and was eventually relieved when the beauty mark returned. It's disconcerting when a piece of your face isn't there in the mirror.

Shawn M. said...

Isn't it supposed to be terrible to fuck with moles? Don't they give you the AIDS-cancer?

Jen said...

I'm glad to hear that someone can relate; most people seem to think I've done this on purpose or something, which wasn't the intention at all. :P

And according to one site I read, the picked moles-cancer link is bogus... but I guess we'll find out if/when my face contracts the HIV and falls off.

Anonymous said...


Jen said...


Anonymous said...

I for one am happy it's gone! No more staring absentmindledly at your hypnotically dancing discoloured flesh dot as you make talky noises. :)

Maul that mole!


(Master of sincere flattery)

Anonymous said...

this just happened to me a few days ago and i want it back! did yours grow back yet?? :]

Jen said...

It did, indeed. I think it might be a bit lighter than it was, and it's not as raised as it used to be, but that'll probably come back, too. Have faith! :)