One from June (see, I promised I was writing!):

Tuesday night, I apparently snored for a bit (it happens; I’m usually just a very loud breather), and talked about something, sounding rather annoyed or angry.

Last night, Thena was in a pissy mood and kept growling when I tried to pat her before sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, Dear Boyfriend awoke and was speaking to me about something that of course I can’t remember now; at the time, it made sense, except for the middle part, which I kept having him repeat. I think I eventually realized he was demented and just went back to sleep.

We had our annual work BBQ today, and because he had the day off and lives nearish my work (actually, my work is pretty much right between our places), I invited him to join. When I say work BBQ, I mean the entire building is part of this – over 500 people – and people often have their significant others and children join in, because there are always games and other activities planned.

He readily agreed, and we spent the time walking around and talking. I was actually shocked that he was not only willing to come, but did so and really seemed to enjoy my company -- which goes to say something pretty telling about some of my ex-boyfriends.

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