Okay, so I've already blown my semi-serious intention of updating more regularly; go me.

Christmas went well at the homestead, with a nice combination of hectic and quiet. I did a lot of housework (this is where friends and coworkers alike have said I'm turning into a good housewife/domestic person/Martha Stewart, though where they're getting that last one I'll never know), and I snuggled the kitties, did some crafts and spent time with friends. Maybe not as much as I might've liked, but it was good to see Andrea and the Arrogant Bastard (not together), and later Heather and a few other faces, new and recognized.

I'm starting back up classes this semester, and tomorrow is actually my first class. For those not in the know, I pancaked on my thesis portion of the masters' degree, so now I'm picking up two more classes and going back to work on a research paper. By the fall, or end of fall semester (i.e., by this time next year), I should have my masters degree. If not, well, I fail ultimately.

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