I am running out of November very quickly, and it's not yet totally stressing me out, but I'm getting there.

I've transferred over all of the main services -- hydro, gas, water/sewer, taxes, cable/internet -- as well as set up mail forwarding via Canada Post as of the move date, so that should catch the bulk of it. We'll hang on to our mailbox keys for the current place, so anything that doesn't get forwarded over the first week will still be pick-up-able.

What pleases me about the Canada Post mail forwarding system is that you specify the names to forward, so you don't get stuck with all of the other crap that gets sent to that address. As an example, I lived at my last apartment from August 1st, 2004 to (technically), November 30th, 2007; I was *still* getting mail from the previous tenants up until I moved out. We're in the same situation right now -- and I look forward to getting away from that.

People don't realize how much crap their name gets added to, or how much crap they sign up for, until the next person to live in your apartment or home gets stuck dealing with it.

Then there's all the crap that companies send out just because you already have two or three of their current services and they want you to buy more. NO ROGERS, I DO NOT WANT YOUR HOME PHONE. Argh.

My only real complaint about our neighbourhood, aside from the semi-sporadic bus service in the evenings (once an hour after 9:00 p.m. until the last route at 11:15 p.m.), is that there are a metric fuckton of flyers, pamphlets, trade papers, etc., that seem to find their way to our home. I never got around to it here, but I fully intend on putting up a sign at the new place requesting that no flyers be delivered. Alternately, I'll put the black box on the front porch with a sign and an arrow down to it asking for people to put the flyers in there... 'cause I know we don't read 'em.

Anyhow, aside from the joys that moving always brings, especially a move that's going to take place over a week and a half instead of in a single day... on the one hand, more convenient, on the other hand, irritating because it's going to mean sort-of living out of two places. The DB plans on having all of the furniture moved over early on, so we'll be pretty much living out of the new place as of that point, but I had thought to be moving stuff towards the end of the week... so who knows? It really only affects borrowing my dad's car and the fact that we won't have cable/internet at the new location until later on, which isn't the biggest hardship in the world.

Anyhow, add on to that schoolwork, with the December 1st deadline looming near and dear... At least I got the literature review sent off yesterday, and I hope that'll pass some muster. The hardest part of doing a literature review, in my opinion, is not making arguments when you're putting it together -- it's a simple presentation of the material of relevance. Funny thing? I shared this comment with Markuk and my mom, and both of them told me that the reason I found it so hard is because I'm so used to arguing. :/

I need to get the methodology section done quickly, and it'll be tough because it's theoretical in nature, which is my biggest downfall, but it's only 5-6 pages (and not the 12-14 I'd feared), so I'm hoping that it too will be okay. After that, 17-19 pages of analysis, 3-4 pages of intro and 3-4 pages of conclusion, plus 150 abstract and add on the bibliography, and it's done.

And the best part of doing a research paper in place of a thesis? Not having to defend it. A load off my mind... provided they don't completely hate it.

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