So it seems as though work is occasionally trying to up and kick my ass. I spent all weekend with my blackberry close by my side, which made for lots of fun. The DB and I were planning to go see a movie Friday night, and ended up staying in as I couldn't promise I would be free to enjoy things. Instead, we went on Saturday, and got to enjoy the teenage audience that comes with the 7:00 p.m. show. Complete with talking through the film, answering cell phones, and just generally filling me with rage. So, yay.

But on Saturday I also got to run a bunch of errands, like returning the broken floor lamp we'd bought the previous week at Canadian Tire. The housewares kid couldn't find it, even with 10 minutes of looking, so they refunded me the purchase on my MasterCard. I walked to the section, found the 4 lamps exactly where we'd found them the week before, and took it to the cash.

I also finally indulged myself on Saturday with a massage, buying some jeans (since I'm down to one pair that actually still fit over my fat lower half), some new work tops, and some betta fish. The DB keeps trying to convince me to put them together -- apparently they're lonely. I haven't yet chosen names for them.

Sorry, I'm boring today. I was just telling a coworker one of my habits with regards to the cats -- every morning when I leave for work, I tell them I'm going to work, and I should be home right afterwards; if I'm going to be doing something after work, I tell them and say that the DB should be home (again, if that's the case). I tell them I love them, to be good girls and to be nice to each other. Call it a superstition of sorts.

Last night, the DB and I went to the gym, and when we got back, I could see who I thought was Venus in the window, then by the time I got up to the door, Thena was in the window and talking to me, seemingly upset. I unlocked the door to open it, and Venus was on the ledge by the door, and Thena was on the ground -- and they both seemed somewhat frantic, though Thena especially. I'm almost certain I told them we were going to the gym, but I think maybe I didn't, and they were worried. We comforted them, and they calmed down eventually.

Although Thena did wake me up in the middle of the night last night by licking my face, so maybe she was still worried.

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