Okay, I have another post in the works where I go on about a series of books I'm reading and its (brief) conversion into a television series, but I have to say this: I'm going to hell.

I never play pranks on people for April Fool's Day (or if I do, they're of the "I'm pregnant" variety that no one ever buys), but in this instance, I actually did have a coworker fooled for about an hour on something. Fortunately, he finally spotted the part of my .sig file wherein I'd written "www.aprilfools.gc.ca" and "www.poissondavril.gc.ca" in place of the usual URL, but he was buying it for awhile -- including through a telephone conversation.

However, I will also have company in my trip to hell -- because a number of my coworkers were also in on the joke and completely playing along, including my director and the DG.

We are *evil* through and through.

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