All right, more news... and more news and more news. :)

The Gonq offers a continuing education course under the radio production heading, and it encompasses a whole wack of stuff -- announcing, commercial writing, production, etc. Now, bunches of this I already know from work, and production isn't really calling to me at the moment. Maybe I'll get on-air for a bit and decide I don't like that. I'm not trying to burn any bridges.

So, chance on that. Only problem is I'd have to leave my Monday class right at 6:15 and that might even be cutting it close... and if the prof hands out an assignment, then I'm screwed. The prof for the course said I shouldn't have too much trouble catching up, even though three weeks have passed. Coolage there.

My boss also mentioned another announcer that used to work at one of the stations here (now elsewhere) who took voice control lessons, which was more what I was looking for. I've contacted another boss to ask him if he knows where she went, 'cause that's basically all I'd want from the Gonq course. So, we'll see what he has to say, and what the parents have to say... the problem is that the next time the Gonq course is offered is next winter, and so I don't really want to wait that long. I'm not sure how long the opportunities here would be open. *sigh*

Ah well... more frantic updates sure to come! :)

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