Look at that, thought I'd done an update here, and I hadn't.

Okay, boss came by later that afternoon, and asked me about my email. He said that he'd give me his boss's usual spiel (his boss is the announcer's boss). He said when I can be as good as the people that I hear coming through production, I should put together a demo tape for them. He said with a log sheet, I can basically do an hour of voicetracking, and that would work well as a demo tape. And, if I have any questions, I'm to go to him and ask him about things, since he can explain to me when things get said and why. He said he's kinda busy over the next few days, but that I can go to him after that. He wants me to learn the basics properly, and build on that -- not learn other people's mistakes.

This is good news and bad news. It's good news because I don't have to rush right out and throw together a tape, I can wait until my friend gets back from his vacation to help me out. It's bad news, 'cause now I have more time to stew about this and think it over. Ah well. :)

I also spoke with my buddy last night, and he's going to coach me a bit, and he gave me some of the same advice that he usually does -- practice breaks, listen to a few of the female broadcasters for their breaks, stuff like that. I do think that I would be okay on-air, once I get the patter done and get over the initial nervousness.. especially since there isn't a crowd in front of me that I have to perform for. We shall see.

I had a bit of a bitch fight last night with a friend of mine... I'll talk about that later, when I'm at work. We have a meeting of all the board producers something this afternoon (probably), so I may have to hang around work and wait for that. Also gotta get to the bank so I can pay back John the money he lent me yesterday so I could get lunch. He's so nice. :)

Enough for now. :)

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