I'm feeling weary. *sigh* When things screw up repeatedly and there's nothing I can do about it, it makes me weary, apparently.

I wish I could have a nice, uncomplicated relationship. Something befitting my age and situation. I'd like to get picked up by a nice boy in university, someone attractive and intelligent and interesting that likes me and doesn't mind that the little things often bug the royal crap out of me... and whose little habits and whatnot don't bug me. Someone I can fall in love with and just be happy with.

That way I could leave behind all the baggage... all these attachments I currently have. Well, I'm kind of assuming that I'd just magically get over all of them, but if I can't do that now, who's to say I could if I did meet someone uncomplicated?

And there's the whole sex thing, which I can't even begin to go into. I'm just tired of all of it. Tired of sex, tired of relationships, tired of caring for people and feeling that I should do or feel different ways because they care about me... Argh! Damn obligations, damn conscience, damn relationships, damn shifts where I have way too much time to myself to think.

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