"Oh Mandy, you came and you gave me a turkey... but you sent me away, oh Mandy!"

Okay, more updates. Sheesh, if I stopped posting every two minutes, I might not have to keep updating things. :)

Turns out the job isn't really a go, since they can't afford to pay him what he's asking. This morning in the shower, I was thinking I should go ahead with the other guy until that runs its course. Then, met the coworker at the airport (I was going to pick him up, but his plane was getting in too late, so I was just there with his roommate, who picked him up), and I was thinking the other way. Argh! It doesn't help that the coworker insists on pointing out all the attractive women that he notices or has noticed (like the stewardesses on the flight), and I can't decide if he's doing that because he's a pig, because he's trying to make me jealous, or if he's just trying to show me that he's moved on or something. No clue.

Sometimes I hate this evening shifts, alone running the music... they leave me with too much time to think, and I've nearly wound or actually wound up crying for many of my shifts. Last night was a bit of an exception, simply because of the amount of hormones I had coursing through my system. *sigh* Some days, I really hate being a woman. :P

Ah well. Realized on the bus today that I have a paper due on Tuesday. Fortunately, it's only 500 words, so I'll see what I can do about writing it tomorrow before work, or maybe even during work. Shouldn't be too bad... although this week is going to be tough. Group meetings on Monday and Thursday, work every day but Thursday, papers due Tuesday and Thursday, and I have an e-journal entry to write for Wednesday. *sigh* And the e-journal thing is going to be a weekly event. February is going to royally suck. *And* I'm hoping to go away for reading week, although finances and schoolwork are starting to say that may not be the best option...we'll see. I do have the time off work, I just have to hurry up and finalize what weekend I'm going so I can get it off work!

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