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I just couldn't bring myself to put this crap in with that post.

I need to lose weight. My weight's at the highest it's ever been at, and I hate it. I just can't seem to motivate myself enough to find the time or the energy to do something about it, especially not when I have so much reading and so many assigments to get done this semester. It's awful, especially since they're not spread out -- they hunt in packs. I'll have nothing for two weeks, then two or three assignments in the same week... especially right around reading week. I have five things due in the space of a week, including something due on the first day of the break... so it means that those of us who are hoping/planning to go away for the week have to finish it even earlier.

Mind you, if the department isn't open during reading week, the prof will have to change the date it's due, so it'll probably be due earlier. One of my classes took a vote on when the assignment should be due (since that prof accidentally put it during reading week), and everyone wanted it before the break, instead of after. I can see the logic behind that, but maybe now they're regretting it, especially if they have a similar workload to me. Maybe not, since the majority of them are fourth years. *sigh*

Yet another of my profs has posted the course syllabus on his website... the one he gave us was for the other section of the class he teaches. The reading schedule is different for us -- there are two books to read, and for us, the second one comes into play much sooner. This means that for that class alone, I'm supposed to be reading about four or five chapters a week... a light week might be three chapters. Fortunately, I've already read one of the books (over the summer, but still) and most of the second one, so I'm putting the readings off for that class. I'm really not sure when I'll be able to start catching up in all of these readings, but I'm sure it'll help when I no longer work Fridays.

I'm a wild party. I get my Friday nights available and now I have to spend them reading. :P I hate stress. I hope all these stupid stress and frustration feelings and mild abandonment feelings are due mostly to hormones.

Anyhow, time to get moving. More later, when/if I get my various replies on my inquiries. :)

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