Why I like cats

There's something so soothing and reassuring about having a cat sitting in your lap, purring. Cats can't talk -- they can't tell us, 'hey, I like what you're doing.' But when they're in your lap, and they're purring and maybe kneading their paws, you know they like what you're doing. There's that kind of feedback. It's really awesome.

I used to watch Chloe washing her paws sometimes... the colour contrasts between her pink tongue, her grey and black fur and paws, and her (sometimes) green eyes was really beautiful to see. She has/d such a beautiful face, and I really miss how she's talk to me and climb all over me when I was around. I'm just hoping that someone has taken her in to their house, and they'll let her out in the spring and she'll find her way home. I just can't accept that I'll never see her again.

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