And on a completely unrelated note... I'm getting propositioned by someone right now. Weird, weird, weird.

What else? Oh yeah, class this morning was fun, and I think one of the cute french guys in the class was checking me out. Hmm.... :)

Why can't I get involved in a nice, simple relationship with someone who goes to university or something? Instead, I'm getting fuck friends propositions, and clandestine relationships and things like that offered to me. Also, baggage galore from everything else. Argh.

The ex- was telling me about more of the suicide/depression problems he was having. If I do go visit him across reading week, I think I'm going to give him an ultimatum: either he gets help, or I can never be with him again. I just can't deal with that, and I ask him if he's going to get help, and he says he feels fine now. Great, until the next time he's telling me this stuff. I almost want to go to his parents, but they don't really exert *that* much influence over him 'cause he's not living at home and hasn't been (for the most part) for four years. *sigh* Today also marks 'three years' with the guy.

Anyhow, definitely time to get to bed. Gotta email that report back to the girls and pick it up from downstairs (otherwise I'll leave it at home, and won't that be a panic situation), and then we're into tomorrow.

Valentine's Day? What with my situations... I just don't care about it, really. I'm not interested in going through the motions, and I really don't feel strongly enough to want to bother with it at all. Ah well. :)

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