One less day of being wimpy...

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Lazy day today. Slept in until 1:15, the damn kitten (Shadow, Shadowcat, or Shadowbrat) kept jumping in this box I have at the foot of my bed and attacking it and herself. She kept waking me up, but otherwise it was funny. I fished her out the first two times, the third and fourth times I let her get out on her own. She wanted Digger and I to wake up today and play, but no go. :)

Had the shower, had some fun, then actually changed my belly jewelry on my own! Wow! I was too afraid to for the longest time (considering I got it done when in October, 5 weeks after the first one)... had it changed by a studio one day shy of the six week mark, and that jewelry has been in there ever since. Had some pus and pain... the last week or two less pus down to none, just some really bad pain, which was odd. Today and yesterday, little to no pain, so I figured to hell with it and went for a change! :)

The jewelry cycle:

First was a CBR (captive bead ring: a round metal circle with a bead where the two edges come together). That's what it was pierced with.

Second was a slave ring -- a silver curved barbell with a little ring at the bottom where you can hang danglies from and whatnot. The ring kept folding up on itself, 'cause of my chubby stomach.

Now it's a silver curved barbell once more, but on the bottom part of the barbell is a copper dolphin with little gems for eyes... I can pop him off so I'm just wearing a curved barbell, and I can even put him on other jewelry if I want.

Fired off an email to the studio in Montreal to see if they're open on Saturdays... pizza guy said he couldn't go, and I understand -- Satudays are his only days off, so he uses them to run errands or just have a lazy day. Coworker said he'd go, if he could get stuff out of the way (he's got a work project that he always does on Saturdays), so we'll see... might just make it a day trip, might make it an overnight. Who knows?

Anyhow, that's it for now. Just working. :P Got some practice on voicing stuff on Friday, since coworker and I had a light time... he had about two hours free (although not really). I revoiced some stuff I'd done earlier ... in Italian, which I've always had a problem pronouncing. Ask me to be sexy in French, English or Spanish (I can fake the last and am fluent in the first two), I can manage it. In Italian? Much tougher. Did some liners for something else, then the funny moment: Coworker gave me a tag to read so that I could practice enunciating (I slur my words and apparently have an 'l' problem) and emphasizing the correct words. He said he wasn't going to record it, which I knew was complete bunk (and I was right)... so I read it twice, without really any coaching, and the second time he says it was excellent and put it on air. I feel bad 'cause he was going to give it to one of the on-air jocks (who doesn't get many requests to read), but there you have it. :) Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll ask me to be their voice! Yeah, right, but still cool. :)

Ah well... apparently I have a slightly nasal voice. :( And my speech impediment. :P Hopefully I'll get some good solid coaching that'll help me go places. We'll see. :)

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