All right, so maybe taking this weekend and doing absolutely no work wasn't the best of ideas. I have some major schoolwork to get done this week -- one midterm on Monday, a paper due on Thursday... a paper due on Monday of the reading week (the 18th), but if I want to go away for the week, I should get it done by this week... and a paper and presentation that I have due the Thursday after reading week, so I have to get some of that stuff done. Not to mention my e-journal entries, since that thing is due the 27th and I have yet to write anything.

So, if you don't see my ramblings on here much this week, that's probably why. *sigh*

I need to get my hair dried, my bod dressed and my room tidied before work.

I'm off to see Ron Jeremy after work today... that should be interesting. Had a big debate with the coworker last night (until 4:30 in the morning) about whether it's disrespectful for guys (or girls) to ogle girls (or guys) when in conversation with another girl (or guy). Long story behind it, but basically I've been treated pretty rudely by some guys on this (one guy stopping in mid-sentence to swivel his head and watch a girl walk past; another guy running out of the room while in conversation with myself and the coworker to check out some girls), so I feel really frustrated about it. Ah well... another day.

Maybe it's the meds I'm on. I'm thinking of changing them. :P

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