Things I'm sick of:

* Being told that I didn't say something that I know I said, or that I'm misquoting someone, or that crap
* Being made to feel like I'm demon-spawn for not being completely devoted to each and every person in my life, particularly the ones that I've broken up with
* Thinking I've come to an understanding on things and discovering that apparently I'm the only one that came away with that understanding
* Group meetings that don't go anywhere
* "Whatever"
* "Fine"
* People changing what I say to suit their needs, REGARDLESS of how many times I've corrected them
* Having people expect me to be able to drop everything else in my life to accomodate them, even if they've broken up with me
* Being jerked around, by guys in particular, but also by girls
* Emotional fuckwittage
* Being tired, having no energy, having no time to myself
* School, to some extent
* Feeling frozen in place, not being able to grow career-wise or get my own place and just have my own space
* Being stressed
* People acting like I never said something, or like I'm talking crazy
* Tall people sitting in front of me when I'm in class so I can't see the overheads, or the television screen
* People in general

... Now I'm just rambling, I guess. I need a vacation.

I need to stop crying at work.

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