I hate when people make jokes that imply that I'm promiscuous. It's something that's bothered me ever since I was young.

For the most part, I've outgrown it... but I was telling the coworker a story about a party I was at once... it was pizza guy's party, and I was drunk (the drunkest I'd been at that point). I met a friend of pizza guy's, and pizza guy had told me a bunch of times that apparently this guy had a big cock (it seems that a bunch of the friend's exes kept telling pizza guy this, without knowing that pizza guy was a friend of his). Okay, fine. So, I'm kinda drunk, I meet this guy, and I say hi to him by saying something along the lines of, 'Hey, nice to meet you. I hear you have a big cock!'

I think it kinda floored him for a second, but he recovered, and said something modest like, 'Yeah, that's what I've been told.' I've since seen the guy a bunch of times, and he's fun. None of pizza guy's close friends are particularly uptight, and from what he'd said of this guy, he could handle the comment. Fine, so maybe I shouldn't have said it, but I was drunk. Sue me. If I'd thought (or been told) that he was offended, I would have gone and apologized, no problem at all.

So I tell coworker this story, and he says, "well, I'm sure you got to see it eventually." WTF? I'd go and check the holdings of the friend of someone I was sleeping with? Yes, I've done a lot of bad things, but I'm trying to fix them, and I'd certainly not do something like that unless I had express permission from the guy I'd been with; you don't do things with your exes friends. That's one of the rules. I'd also not be checking out someone's package like that; not at a party, not unless I was going to be getting that guy off or sleeping with him. That's just not something I do.

Then coworker starts going on about how I talk about sex, like 90% of the time, and how sometimes it's inappropriate... but he won't tell me about any times I've discussed sex when it was inappropriate, except for saying that telling some guy that you've heard he has a big cock is inappropriate. *sigh* Right. So I told him that he probably just wasn't used to being around a girl that could discuss sex maturely and actually have interesting points to make. I'm *ever* so sorry that I am educated about sex. Would it be somehow better if I were one of these chicks that thought that douching with Coke would keep you from getting pregnant?!?

Fuck. I'm so sick of people who can't deal with a girl who can discuss sex intelligently and maturely. I'm so sick of not being taken seriously because I'm young and female and look innocent. I'm so sick of being considered a promiscuous person because I am willing to experiment, enjoy variety, and can talk and joke about sex!

I'm also sick of people more or less saying that if I were in love with the person that I was sleeping with, I wouldn't need to experiment. Fuck that! Don't try to tell me that your sex life is better than mine because you and your girlfriend or boyfriend don't like to tie each other up or use toys or something. You can fucking be in love with someone and still use a blindfold or roleplay or use a vibrator. Just 'cause I've done that doesn't mean that I've never been in love with the person I'm having sex with. Your sex life is not more satisfying than mine because you're content to get ridden or fuck missionary style, maybe with some puppy style thrown in for
those 'special, experimental' nights.

I'm also sick of being considered deviant or weird or abnormal because I do like to experiment and try other things. Just because to me puppy style isn't being risky and non-vanilla doesn't mean that I consider myself better than you because your sex life is tamer than mine. What works for you, works for you. Don't knock what works for me.

I'm not into water sports or scat play, but I try to avoid judging the people that are. If it works for them and they enjoy it, then great. Just don't be upset with me if I turn you down if you ask me to join in. The same way that pizza guy and his friends were about when I turned down smoking up with them; they don't care one way or the other if I do or don't, and there was no pressure to join in. That attitude was incredibly appreciated on my part.

Sorry, got a few rants stored up. I think I'm done. Although the down arrow on this keyboard sticks and that annoys me, but not enough that I'm going to rant about it. :)

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