Trying to keep track of all my work...

APRIL What? Done?
The 2nd Register for fall/winter semester
The 8th Qualitative Methods presentations (group)
The 9th Culture jamming project due (advertising)
The 11th Group dynamics presentation
The 11th Final reflection paper due (last day)
The 11th Negotiation assignment due
The 15th Qualitative Methods presentations (group)
The 16th Media Industries due before noon (20-25 pages) (in threes)
The 22th Ad techniques midterm due (take-home)
The 25th Group dynamics paper due (10-12 pages) (group)
The 26th Negotiation take-home due (take-home)

*sigh* I need to take time off to do all these assignments, and yet... no time to actually do them. So stupid. On the 2nd I may go to class, leave at 9, then go register at the computer lab (instead of at my damn department!), and then go back to class. Very stupid.

I want to go home. I feel restless and bored and stressed and all sorts of things. I need to figure out what the hell I'm going to do for my culture jamming project, when I'm going to get everything else done and written... and blah. One of the security guards that used to work here called me up this afternoon, so he and I are going to go have dinner on Wednesday. Was very unexpected, but kinda cool. :)

I wish my papers weren't group papers; I don't have the brainpower/creativity to come up with 7 pages of balogna here and there, and I don't like waiting for other people. There's a girl in one of my groups whose English and writing skills just isn't that up to par, so I'm sure I'm going to have to edit her part I think. I don't want to. :(

I'm doing the powerpoint slides for two different groups, too... that's work there. It's not overly tough, but it does take time. Luckily all the papers that I'm presenting (generally) aren't due the same day of the presentation.

Okay, so I don't really have anything to say right now; I'm too restless to really write, and since I have to (kinda) listen to this program, then I can't really read either. Can't concentrate! Argh!

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