Picked up Shadowbrat from the vet this morning, later than I'd planned, but apparently she was fine. She was being her usual snuggly purring self, so my friends at the vet liked her. :)

Haven't gotten nearly enough sleep this week because of staying up late and writing essays and whatnot, but this month coming up is going to be much less hectic than February or April, so it's all good.

Going to a party tonight, I'm looking forward to that. I had to ask for time off work to go, but it's the first time I've done that, and frankly, I think I deserve it. I work my ass off, and one night off every few months isn't going to kill anyone (although it could kill me if I don't get it :). I did have a week off for vacation, but it was the worst reading week ever, so I want to go out and have fun. :)

I was uploading features for work yesterday, and one of them is Biography for Radio -- a 90-second profile of various celebrities that runs in the mornings. The Monday show was Dr. Seuss, and the whole thing rhymed -- it was pretty awesome. :)

Did some practice breaks, as well... my coworker friend gave 'em a listen and said he was pretty impressed with them, considering I'm brand new to doing them. Some of them were pretty good, but I kept upward-inflecting my voice so that I sounded uncertain. Don't know why... also need to work on sounding more upbeat and whatnot.

Anyhow, that wasn't what I was thinking when I started all this... I was actually just thinking that I'm in a trend right now of keeping up to date on the lives of a bunch of my friends, which is great... but we're all doing it through on-line journals, which is a bit funny. We're nerds! :)

Ah well... I think that's it. I want to get a nap or something before I leave for the party, and I need to stop eating fortune cookies. :) I'm also thinking again about dyeing my hair red (and doing things like deposting my paycheque in the bank), so I should get moving. People tend to look at you funny when you show up in public in pjs.

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