Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Did get to go the party, as I said. It wasn't bad, although I started off tired, so buy the time I finished my third Smirnoff's, I was ready to sleep standing up; that part kinda sucked.

Initially just sat around talking to the coworker and a few people from the station (there weren't that many there), as well as one girl I used to babysit. It's not as bad as it sounds; she's the same age as my sister, so she's only three years younger than me.

She and I were comparing tattoos and piercings (that was an interesting conversation!), and I made friends with a married couple, who gave me their phone number. I think I will in fact call them; not sure what'll happen, but the wife of the couple is only 22, so she and I could potentially hit it off. I'm always up for more female friends. :)

We talked threesomes and whatnot, and that was pretty funny. I also talked piercings in that group and I think one guy was trying to pick me of... also shared some new illicit substances with a guy who reminded me of a friend of the pizza guy... he's from Manotick, and seemed like fun. I thought maybe he was also somewhat interested, but he didn't really say.

All in all, it was worth having the night off for, I think. :)

Today's been fun. :P Did a bit of shopping at the Price Club, then came to work. I was feeling pretty weak from hunger by the time we left Price Club, so I preordered my dinner, then gave some of it (pizza) away. The news lady took two pieces of the good pizza, so that made me sad (I offered up the pizza and hoped she'd take the plain cheese, which was somewhat disappointing. Instead she took the chicken and pineapple. Ah well :).

Broke the keyboard tray for the INES computer, so I'm typing this with the keyboard in my lap. I can't put the keyboard on the board, since the Rabbi is live, and I thought he was going to be prerecorded. I think working in the communication industry is somewhat frustrating sometimes. *sigh*

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