So, just a brief post before I head off to school, then maybe some more content from work.

Had a bit of an unusual mood going on yesterday. I realized that while I have had sex in the last while, it's been a long time since I've actually made love with someone. While I was thinking I was defining making love as touching gently and softly, spending a long time just kissing and touching lightly, and not rushing towards orgasm or anything like that. Not that I usually rush towards orgasm (if I'm even that lucky!), but sometimes that's more of the 'point' to the whole event than just enjoying the now. It led to a bit of a debate with the coworker on whether or not you can make love with someone that you're not in love with. Interesting conversation.

I wanted to dress up in nice lingerie -- not for the trashiness of it, but just for how feminine and sexy it can make me feel -- and light lots of candles and just spend a nice, slow evening just touching and carressing and everything else that's incorporated.

A bit funny for me to feel this way considering my friend was telling me Monday night about how she had a really hot sex session with her boyfriend, and they often have the sweet love. :)

I just wanted to feel cherished and 'loved' for lack of a better word and I felt tender and giving for sure, and almost romantic. I wanted to lay with someone and give them pleasure. Not that I'm generally selfish, but I think there was more emotional-giving involved in this than my usual, I just like to give feeling.

Anyhow, time to get rolling.. I just remembered I have a paper to write (and another to rewrite) tonight, and I have some monster reading to get done for it. :P No lingering at work today if I can avoid it. I just wanted to get that feeling written about as best I could before I took off and forgot about it.

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