So, the Media Industries presentation that I slaved over, that I spent three and a half, four hours last night designing? Well, the damn floppy wouldn't load on the damn computer, so we couldn't go! Argh! Fuck. :P

Fucking fuck fuck. That's about the most I can articulate right now... and I still have papers to write... so I'll update this instead. :)

I've felt physically crappy for the last several days, and it's no good. I was so tired today that if anyone had said anything remotely teasing-mean to me, I would have cried. Even just thinking about how easily I could cry made me want to cry. I got a good nap on the bus though, so I feel better. Still feel kinda physically unsettled, but better than I've felt the last few days.

We have to present during his office hours sometime next week, so that's not *too* bad... it means he won't be able to ask us if we're going to cover a certain topic in our paper, 'cause it'll already have been written. ;)

Anyhow, gotta get to work... nutty weekend means little time for school. :P

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