Argh. Stupid computer just up and barfed on me in mid-post. Okay, starting over.

Background: A couple of weeks ago, I toddled into Classic to ask questions about jewelry changing. I spoke with Dan, the other piercer at the studio, and got some answers and wandered off on my merry way. Made an appointment to have some jewelry changed, wound up having to special order it, it finally arrived (from Vancouver), I made an appointment to go and have it changed and also have a helix piercing done at the same time. Wound up missing my bus, late for the appointment, just had the jewelry change, Dan did the changing. We chatted a bit as it was being done, I made another appointment, off I went.

Nowground: This Thursday rolls around, I go in (early, this time) for my appointment. I chat with the girl who works at the counter for quite awhile, discussing various piercings, and just joking around and having fun. Dan's ready and set up, I go in and he asks me if I want to hear about his big disappointment for the day, so he tells me and we talk about procedure and whatnot as he's getting cleaned and ready. As he's setting up and marking and just checking out the beauty that is my left ear, we're chatting about movies. He asks me if I've seen Star Wars and Spiderman, I say yes and we compare notes a bit, mainly on how the romance in both movies kinda bogged things down a bit. I tell him I don't like Kirsten Dunst at all, and that maybe they could have chosen a real redhead to play Mary Jane, or if not that, then just a better actress, period, and dyed her hair (since Dunst is a natural blonde and really seems to fit that stereotype, much as I hate to buy into it). He tells me *I* should have played Mary Jane. I have no idea how to respond to that, it being having so many things wrong with it, but being kinda nice anyhow. :) (Things wrong with it: I can't act, I'm not a redhead. The list continues, just not right now. :)

So, we start chatting some more about movies as he's closing up the ring and cleaning me up and I don't even really remember the proper sequence at this point. :) We get on the subject of stupid movies, and I say how they're fun once in awhile, I mention "Not Another Teen Movie," he says it's hilarious. He tells me about the Jackass videos, which I've never seen, but I saw the guy on Blind Date, and I think it's Tom Greenish humour that I wouldn't appreciate, but what the heck. After he finishes up with the piercing, he asks me how old I am. I think, "Shouldn't this have happened before you pierced me? But you know I'm likely over 16, so..." I tell him, then I say, "Lemme guess, you're like 27 or 28, right?" He's all pleased with that, "You think I'm 27?" I ask how old he is, he says 22. I explain that usually it seems like anytime someone asks me my age and I reveal it, they turn out to be 27, 28, and they run in fear from my lowly 21 (22 in August!). So, conversation wraps up, we head back out front (having spent most of my half hour plus chatting, the piercing being merely a sideline), and he hands me a flyer (part of the big disappointment story) for an event going on later, and invites me to show up. First, however, he tells me that if I ever want someone to watch NATM with, I should call him up, that he'd watch it again. So, his next appointment shows up, I'm chatting with them and the counter girl (I wish I knew her name, what a derogatory term) again a bit, they head in, I ask her a few questions about my navel, and off I go to work.

Geez, I'm good at tedium. :)

I head into work, and since I'm about an hour early, I kill time by harrassing people. In this event, it was hanging out in my Sunday studio and harrassing J and L. L calls me beautiful (has done on a few occasions now, including Saturday, IIRC), and seems to be flirting a bit. I was flirting with him, so that wasn't helping; I was poking him with my foot and just teasing him, we were both talking about sex, I making judgmental jokes about french people, 'cause he's french and knows that I'm just kidding. On Saturday, we were back and forth in each other's studios, and I asked him what he was doing when he was off work, 'cause I'm nosy. He said he wasn't sure, likely just going home, and JC (one of the other ops, and an older guy, like 50s or so) said that L should invite me to his place. I didn't really say anything, and the invitiation wasn't extended anyways. Maybe I should have encouraged, but I didn't want to push, and I was too damn tired on Saturday to do much of anything, anyways. I would have been terrible company. I fell asleep on the bus home, at the bus station while I was waiting to transfer, and I was asleep by about 1:30. It felt good. :)

So that's my basic update. I rented the first four episodes of season three of Sex and the City on Friday and watched those with coworker and his roommate. I got home and got to bed later than I should have, which explains why I was so exhausted on Saturday. Plus, I just haven't been sleeping great the last few days, and not being able to put the left side of my head on my pillow hasn't been helping. I usually sleep on my stomach, with one knee drawn up and my head turned to the side... and the last few nights I'd give chocolate to be able to sleep on that side. :P :)

Anyhow, Saturday night I rented the next two tapes and watched 9 episodes straight, which was great. Either today (Monday) or Tuesday I'll rent the last tape and be completely caught up... okay, not completely, there still being a season four and maybe five to great through, but closer than I was. :)

When Kim heads off to school in the fall, Dad's upgrading our systems, and I'm likely going to buy a DVD drive at that time, so I can watch DVDs in the privacy of my own room... and rent DVD porn games! Yay! :)

And so that's tonight's update. I'm taking a few days off from work (although not school or yoga), and so hopefully I'll be more inclined to post, and perhaps even have something worth posting! Got (tentative) plans with pizza guy on Thursday, since I had to reschedule last week. I'm not entirely sure still if I want to try to resurrect or start up something with him, or just completely swear off guys as I've been kinda saying I have (two months and counting!), just haven't formalized. Still need to sit and have a conversation about that with the coworker, but just haven't really wanted to. :P

Also have to get in to see my doc, get my jacket repaired (now that both zippers have busted), and get to the library. Maybe I'll get the bike out tomorrow and do the errands that way. Exercise! I need it. :P

Well, Digger's come in a few times to hint that it's past bedtime, so I'm off. Maybe more to come if anything interesting happens, but for now I'm just trying the hermit route. :)

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