I forgot to mention yesterday that H was chatting with me recently (Friday? something like that). She asked if I'd been in touch with the pizza guy, and I was thinking, "Uh, I was over at the house when you were there, remember?", but I didn't say that. I just said yes, that we chat, and yes, that things are okay. I mentioned it to him, and he figured she was asking if I'd been speaking to him because of his hermitting. So, that's that.

Today's day of laziness is progressing well. I think the days will be a bit better when Mom's not home, which makes it tough to be a true slug, but she's just home on Mondays, so it's okay.

Anyhow, time to get dressed and start on today's errands, of which I now have four, since Mom added one. I was going to bike to all of them, but now I think I'll just drive, 'cause I feel really lazy. Tomorrow, I will bike. That will be tomorrow's errand. :)

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