I wound up missing my 3:00 o'clock bus today, so I was running behind for my appointment and only got the jewelry changed. It's nice, it's smaller, so I think it'll be more comfortable, even though it still twists to the side. Ah well. The appointment for the helix is next week, and I may wind up moving it up, we'll see. It was Dan, not Ian, who changed my jewelry, and I've chatted with him on a number of occasions, and he seems pretty nice... I had this weird vibe of thinking I should ask him out on a date. :) We'll see if I decide to do it next week (which means naw, it's not going to happen).

The ex- is in town for a bit less than a week (got in yesterday afternoon), and I'm trying to figure out things from that end. I still feel like I've shut down, even to him, and I think he feels it, but he's not saying anything (yet) about it. I just ... even though I'm (kinda) not involved with anyone right now, since it's all up in the air, even though I am still more or less tied to the coworker since nothing official's been declared, and even though the ex- isn't involved with anyone, so I'm thinking, hey, it's kinda okay... it's kinda not. So, I don't want to get involved in a situation where I feel obligated to the ex- again and feel guilty if I start dating someone out here, even though he's going to be doing the same thing out there. I feel comfortable around him though, and it's nice to talk to him in person, since I just don't seem to like conversing online with some people as much as I used to (namely, the coworker and the ex-).

I had another thought in here, but now it's gone. Today feels like a Friday, instead of a Thursday, mainly because I was working and I don't usually do that, and everything just feels weekendy. Meh. I'm aiming for an early bedtime/early wakeup, since I'm going to see Star Whores tomorrow morning with the coworker and then off to work and then and then and then... longish day. Urgh. Then I get to work Saturday, Sunday, and Monday... I ask again, what's a holiday? *sigh* S'okay, time and a half, and I should really pester my boss again about that whole raise thing, since I think it's been three weeks now... Blah.

Got my marks for the last semester: a A+, two A-s, a B+, and a B. I think the B could've been higher, but I don't really care too much... one more year, and then I'm done for awhile, so I can't complain about that! :)

Anyhow, off to snuggle with the kitties, admire my new jewelry and read for a bit. :)

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