Okay, the dream. I dreamt that H had been fired from her job and her ex-roommate's boyfriend (who was also a roommate) had been given the job, which was a little weird. I also dreamt that I ended up with T, the security guard (whom I'm not interested in any more)... we had a class together, and we hooked up through that. At one point we were in my bathroom, and I was taking a bath and he was checking me out or something, and then I convinced him to join me, and in my dream his body was different than in real life. In real life, he's quite built -- short and broad, muscly. In my dream, he was still muscly through the shoulders and chest, but he had a big gut and black hair on his stomach or something. It was rather weird. For some reason he started to look like Elvis, too, I think.

I've been kinda horny the last few days. Not enough for me to really do anything about it, but enough so I notice it.

I started classes last Wednesday. This class is going to be a hefty one. The prof has decided not to remove any elements of it, just 'cause it's a summer course and compressed... so it's just as if I was taking a full courseload, almost. There's that much to be done. :P

I start my yoga class tonight, we'll see how that goes. :)

Learned to drive stick on the weekend. That was kinda neat. I need to practice starting smoothly, which I can do when I have time, but can't do as well when I'm in traffic 'cause I go too quickly and screw up. I drove myself to work, shifting and everything. Yay me. :)

Anyhow, time to start the day. I'll try to be more interesting later. ;)

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