Sorry for the lack of updates here... just been busy entertaining the ex- and some other family friends who were in town, plus working... hasn't left much time for sitting and thought-articulating.

Been a strange day today, involving my piercer (the other one who works at Classic, Dan), a guy from work who I trained once upon a time, and to some extent the coworker. I'm not going to go into detail on it now, 'cause I want to try to get a decent night's sleep, which I did and didn't do last night, and I figure I'll make time for it tomorrow. Hopefully.

But briefly, got the helix done, it's tender. Owie. I hit it a few times by accident, which sucked, and I can certainly feel it, but it's not too bad. Apparently I bled when it was done, which has been the same for most of my piercings (not the case for the navel or the lobes). *shrug* Doesn't worry me unless it's gushing and non-stop. :) Turns out that my navel has formed scar tissue but likely isn't rejecting, so I'll just be leaving it alone. If it does reject completely, then we'll see what happens.

I bought a yoga tape the other night when the ex- and I hit Chapters, and I did one of the two work outs on it this morning. Didn't seem too stressful, and I'm going to try to incorporate that and the Pilates tape into some kind of regular workout. When the weather finally balances out into usual summer for the area, then I'll hopefully expand my workout regime to include the great outdoors.

I'm also off from work for Monday through Thursday of next week. I still have class and yoga, but otherwise I'm just going to do what I can to pamper myself for a few days, get to see my doctor and change the meds, and otherwise simply relax and rejuvinate. Should be good. In the meantime, some reading and some bedtime. Night folks.

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