"Why do people run away from me?" (name that quote!)

Ah-hah! I knew I hadn't started this thing on February 1st... turns out its birthdate was Wednesday, January 9th... I just needed to fix up my archives access and all of that. I really am technologically inclined, I'm just stupid. ;)

Having a nice conversation with Ben right now about writing and such. He's got a great post right now over on unCultured, my other home, about movie theatres that I found absolutely hilarious, so we had a bit of a mutual admiration society going on. ;) In fact, here's a quote from that conversation (which I asked permission about posting first, don't worry):
"Jen, your life is very interesting to read about, even when there's not terribly much going on. It's not so much the unique things that happen to you that makes your articles neat, but rather the unique way in which you perceive whatever comes your way, and then the amusing ways you describe it all."

Funky compliments. I like. :)

There's a creative writing course I'd love to take at my university, but unfortunately it's just not feasible. I make take a college course or two later, or I may even go do an English degree at a later time... for now, I'm just working towards finishing off this communications degree and surviving the next few weeks of summer school.

The weather is being distinctly uncooperative about my summer get active plan. The ex- is going to be in town on Wednesday. I'm kinda horny, and hungry. I want to have tender, loving, passionate, sweaty, orgasmic sex. But right now, I don't really know if anyone's worth the effort. Sad? Probably. I miss that uncertainty and tension that comes with first knowing someone... that incredible feeling of arousal when you first start kissing and making out with someone... like you'd just die if they didn't touch you. Sometimes I think just feeling aroused is more fun than actually following through on it... until I follow through on it and remember/find out how much fun that is. ;)

A few people lately have talked to me about how much they admire my ability to be so open and forthright on this site. I keep telling them that it's easier on the 'net like this -- I don't have to deal with anyone's immediate reactions, which is both good and bad, and the people who are discussed in depth usually don't have the link to this site. I like getting feedback on what I write, and what I think and say -- it's nice to have someone say, "Hey, I know exactly what you're talking about" or, "Yeah, you *were* a raving psycho hose beast" (which thankfully, no one has done yet). Looking briefly back at my archives, I realized that I censored myself a fair bit back then -- like talking about a friend that I watched movies with and that he and I had perfected the art of wasting time and just being relaxed, not feeling like it was wasted... Well, that same friend and I, while stargazing, also went off and had funky naked sex in the woods (which actually started on top of his car). But I didn't say that back then, although I will now, 'cause I think it's one of my cooler sex moments, and definitely my first (and only) true outdoors one. :) The downside was the mosquito bites that I later discovered (thankfully restricted to my legs, feet and arms)... and they were especially unkind considering I'm allergic to mosquitos. Ugh. Anyhow, that's a tangent... what I was trying to say was that it was actually thanks to Di and later, Sami that I was able to be so open and honest... I saw what they were willing to put on their site (and Di's sister reads her site!), and it made me realize that I could choose what I write, and it doesn't have to be censored. So, that was pretty awesome. Thanks ladies. :) (And any complaints you have about my honesty can go to me. ;))

Geez, for someone who figured she didn't have anything to say, I've sure written a lot. I'm going to go to bed, read some trashy romance novels (on which I stocked up today), and do some random daydreaming before I go to bed. I need to get back into the real/regular bedtime hours, but they just don't seem to be happening anytime soon.

Oh, and as an aside... Jay, I've started checking your site regularly, and you've even earned a link on my site and toolbar at home... where's my link on your page? Di and Sami have one! ;)

"I takes a whiskey drink... I takes a vodka drink... and when I have to pee... I go in the kitchen sink!"
"It's Lisa! And she's winning us back!"
"Marge! Where's my pellet gun?" "In the tree!" "Oh, right."
"Oh! Not the good cheek!"

There was another line from that episode, something Homer said at the very end... I can't remember. Overall, damn funny. :)

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