All of the following is total stereotypes and I don't even believe all of it, but I wanted to write it that way 'cause that's the mood I was in (half-asleep and brain-dead).

I think the things people say when they want to break up with someone are funny. I mean, they're all cliches, and they're all awful, but you fall yourself falling into the trap anyways.

I mean, there are a few different instances for breaking things off with your significant other.

First, there's the case when you become interested in someone else. Sucks, but it happens. What do you generally say to your SO at the time?
"I think we should see other people."
"I've become interested in someone else."

Both can be very much true. The first doesn't specifically spell out, "I've met someone else and I want to bone them more than you now," but most people are able to piece one and one together pretty quickly. To the first, how do you reply to that? "Uhhh.... okay." I mean, there's no way to refute that one. I'm not saying people should try to necessarily, but ... it's just funny, 'cause there isn't a way of refuting it, period. I did see an episode of Will and Grace when Grace tried to dump her boyfriend at the time (Will's boss), and he wouldn't let her. He just kept saying no, and she kept going along with it (although I don't exactly understand why). Then he dumped her, and when she was trying to say no, it just seemed kinda pathetic, and he viewed her as such. That episode bugged me.

Also, in this case, does this mean that we still see each other? Do we still sleep together, just see other people? Can be a very difficult situation, but generally means, "I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore, and I've met someone(s) else. I'm just trying to be nice by not telling you so."

Now, the second is more honest, it's more to the point, but it just about says, "...and we've started seeing each other/talking sweet little nothings/boning already."

Next scenario? You realize that your SO is a big waste of space/asshole/bitch/obnoxious as hell/not the one who you want to ride like a palm tree anymore.
Guess what? You generally find yourself using the same excuses, even if they're not true. Why? Because otherwise, if you're me, your ex- stalks you (okay, not really), but it's much easier to be persuaded to get back into the relationship. That's why it took me a year and a half to break up with The Ex-; there was no one else on the horizon and I had all kinds of doubts and insecurities and stupidities that were all his fault (okay, maybe not, but close enough).

Moving to another city? Do we keep the long distance relationship going, or agree to see other people and if/when we wind up in the same city together, then we'll go back out again? Well, here's my experience... long distance relationships work for awhile, but if you're broke students, it can be really difficult to maintain them. If you know of someone in the second scenario (see other people, same city get back together), then you just try to sleep with other people. Or something.

Did I mention that my brain is on vacation right now, and hasn't bothered leaving a note as to where it's gone or when it's getting back? It's true. I've felt pretty dumb all day. So, on that note, I'm going to crosspost some of this to UnCultured, and toddle off to bed after reading Watership Down a bit more. I'm about half-way through it right now, and as soon as I finish I'm going to push it on other people. I'm really enjoying it, and I think lots of people should read it if they haven't. It's dense, too, so even though I breeze through most books like nobody's business, I'm not doing that on this one, and that's a good thing, a good feeling. I like bunnies. :) I still need to read Charlotte's Web, but that won't take me more than an hour or so.

Packed weekend, looking forward to it. I'll post more as I get through more of it. :)

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