Let's see, what was my weekend? Well, Saturday I did the trek in the hot air balloon. It was cool; we launched from Carleton University and landed in Aylmer. The only crummy part was when we landed in a field, at twilight, into the happy clutches of some mosquitos (or moggies as the British people on our flight called them) who hadn't seen human flesh since oh, I don't know, before the Ice Age? Urgh. Fortunately I was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt over my top, but it didn't stop my feet from getting chewed all to hell. And with my allergy, I was especially thrilled... and itchy. :P Ah well. The coworker and I dropped in to various houses (his and mine), showered and changed (separately, thank you very much), and then headed off to a wedding reception being held for one of the receptionists at work. She looked really good, really happy. The DJ was one of the jocks at work, so we were chatting and joking with him. He spotted me when I went to line up to catch the bouquet, and was talking to me through the mic from across the room. Cool. :) Then I had him call up the coworker when the men lined up, and that didn't please the coworker too much. Tough! :) The funny moment was when one of the ushers/male attendants caught the garter -- even before he actually caught it, as it was headed towards him, he said, for all to hear: "Oh shit." There was much laughter.

Let's see... Sunday wasn't anything fun, just work. Lots of news going on, including a power outage, so everyone was calling to find out when their power would be turned back on. My mental reaction? Your power has been off for a half a fucking hour! Be more patient you tool! Also, when people were calling me to tell me/the newsroom about the destruction in Richmond and whatnot? "Yes, we've been reporting on it since five o'clock. Yes, we know, thank you." This was especially fun to people who called at 8:30 or later to tell me. You're hired, 'cause you're timely! :P :) What else? Highlights on the phone include the lady who was pissed at me because I couldn't transfer her to the newsroom, so I was quite rude to her (by my standards, that is), and then the guy who wanted me to have my newscaster repeat the story she opened with (in the same newscast), because he lost power and didn't hear it. Uh... sure, guy. Just for you. Then he got pissed at me because I wouldn't do it. Right.

Oh yeah... also finally revealed the presence of the tattoo to Mom and Dad. Mom was the one that I was most worried about. She was telling me that I had to learn to start dealing with things, because otherwise I'd run out of body. Also, she said she knew. Hmm... ah well. Showed Kim, she was pleased to see that it wasn't the one that she wanted to get, which is a line of pawprints on her lower back. Uh, sorry chiquita, but I reserved that one a long time ago. So, gonna have to step up the moves and get that one done sooner. :)

Friday night I went out with a friend to see Undercover Brother, and quite enjoyed it. Funny movie. We went to the local pub and chatted until 1:30, then went and sat in his driveway until about 3:30 and chatted some more. Finally had to take off 'cause we both had to get up in the morning, and I still had to get gas for the car. I was nice to Mom and filled the whole tank. :)

Today was pretty blah. Was thinking about not going to my class, but I figured if nothing else, I could leave at the break. Stayed for the whole thing, and it was fun. I like our prof; she's young, seems nice, entertaining. Kinda high-schooly teacherish in her approach, but it works, and it's summer, so I don't mind. While I was in class, I got a phone call from Jay's friend, but since my phone was on silent, it went to voice mail. He left me his number, and I was going to call him tonight, but I wanted to wait until I got home, and when I got home, we ended up having cat crises, and then Rob called just after 10 and we chatted for awhile. So, with one thing and another, I didn't get to call him. I don't like calling people too late, especially if I don't know their routines and all, so I figure I'll give him a shout tomorrow. I'm going to aim to get to yoga tomorrow, as well. I need the exercise and the release. Speaking of exercise... I read Di's site today, and she had posted some links to sites of people with anorexia (the first one is disturbing... people who have anorexia and bulimia and are proud of it or whatever scare me), and saying she felt bad about her body, which is awful, 'cause I think she's just beautiful all over... and here I am sitting here, eating tortilla chips. Ugh. I'm trying to cut back on chocolate and Coke, and for the most part I've been doing okay. I've had a few Cokes lately, but not the one-a-day I used to have (didn't have any for about a week or so), and I've been pretty good on the chocolate, although I did eat two chocolate bars yesterday. They were Kit Kats though, so not as much chocolate. ;)

Haven't spoken to the ex- since the day he told me to fuck off. I sent him an ICQ one day asking him if we were going to speak again, and then about ten or twenty minutes later sent one that said 'guess not,' and for the most part I've just been trying not to think about it. I took him off MSN that same day (I think; I don't consciously remember having done it, and he's not on the list, so...), and off ICQ a few days ago. It really bothers me, but I'm trying to put it behind me and grow past it. I have opportunities here, and maybe we just can't talk anymore, the way I cut The Ex- out of my life several years ago.

Sometimes I think I really am the horrid person that some people (those who date me) go and tell me. The coworker, the ex- and The Ex- have all said it, and sometimes I think it must be true. I just get so fucked up once I'm in a relationship, and then I fuck up those close to me. The coworker has told me on numerous occasions that he's not a bad guy, he's not this, he's not that... and sometimes I think, yes you are. And then I wonder, or is it me? *sigh* Sorry, can't get into the proper frame of mind to express the thoughts on that, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Anyhow, going to try to get some rest, maybe get some more reading done. So far, Watership Down is pretty interesting, and I like how it's written.

Kinda looking forward to seeing L again, he's back at the end of this week, IIRC. I was pathetic enough to have actually checked his schedule. I'm not a stalker! :) In the meantime, it's a busy week, including dinner plans Thursday night in Montreal with Ben. C'est cool. :)

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