Hung out with a few friends last night, ate some delish food and watched American Pie 2 (for the third time for me). Not a bad evening. Tried to get the Mazda up a steep incline and discovered that I really need to work on hills; I laid rubber getting up the hill and it wasn't the best of things. It seems my friends always are in the car when I screw something up. No fun.

Got home around 12:30 or so, played around on the computer for a bit, then finished up Charlotte's Web before hitting the sack. So now I'm up at a decent hour and reading to be going, which is good.

Chatted with the ex- a bit last night, which wound up bringing me down a little. We talked about his words from awhile ago, and he said that while he was sorry for his word choice because of its harshness, (although this part wasn't as spelled out), he felt justified in the message because he was tired of how I was acting and all that. Funny thing, I wasn't all that bitchy or bitter in that conversation, compared to others. Maybe it's a cumulative thing, I don't know. I'm just trying to move past it and hang out with others as much as I can.

Got some long days coming up. Tonight's work, then dinner and a movie. Saturday is work, then possibly going out to see this band I like. Sunday is just work, then Monday is work (a nice, nine-hour shift), then off to see the premiere of Men in Black II, to which I'm looking forward. :) Then, since we're into July, Tuesday is my day off. :)

Anyhow, time to check on the cats and get moving, since I want to be in to work for a decent hour, and I need a shower to wake me up. I hate this whole late night/late morning thing... I just always seem to still be tired, although I haven't napped during the day for awhile. Ah well... later. :)

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