Urgh. Long, long, long day, on top of three nights running without enough sleep. Tonight's plan? Catch up. :) Brief rundown; worked from 9-6, a busy shift, then saw the Men in Black II movie premiere, then went downtown for the 'works. Ended up seeing them from the top of my workplace, which was pretty cool -- no crowds, no spilled beer, no one stepping on my body parts. On the bus ride home, I did kick someone twice, but he deserved it. He was the only person I deliberately kicked all day, so it has been a good day. :)

Anyhow, further updates are going to be tomorrow. I've been given permission (and in fact been prodded) to post some details about the past few days ;), so that'll be happening soon enough. Reminder to self, do the paper tomorrow! *sigh* Also, working tomorrow 6-11, after feeling as if I never want to listen to a/c music again. *grumble* Anyways, going to make a phone call or two to say happy Canada day, possibly have a quick shower, and crash. Sweet, sweet sleep... how you beckon to me.

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