Sorry about the lack of anything interesting or especially ranty. I've just been internalizing a lot lately, and not wanting to talk or write about it. Maybe not the best attitude, but I'm just kinda tired of it all. Tired, tired, tired. And some more tired. I don't sleep well or enough, I have fun when I'm out with friends (like last night), but overall, just tired. I got my schedule for work for the summer, although it's not set in stone... no more Ultimate for me Thursday nights, since I work all of them for about a month or more. Yay for 7-day weeks! Fuck.

Started up my children's lit course, so that'll keep me busy for awhile. I started the reading, but the first fairy tale I have to read is written in Olde English, which is just a nuisance and a half.

Got the hot air balloon ride tonight, so that's going to be fun. Of course, I forgot my camera, so I'm going to be calling the coworker and seeing if perhaps he'd pick it up for me. If not, I might buy a cheapo camera, so it doesn't matter if it gets dropped. :)

I'm back at that point of wanting to run away from my life and my world and everyone and everything. I was talking to Jay the other day, and he might be setting me up with a friend of his. It's funny. :)

I've run into or hung out with various people that I know from school years past (elementary, high school, etc.), and I realized that I'm bitter about relationships right now. I want to move past that, but who knows if/when I will.

Anyhow, back to not being in the studio when I'm working.

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