Things are moving slowly on the Internet front today. Must be lots of traffic or something. :P Ah well. Last night Dad caught Shadow starting to squat in a basket of laundry that I had downstairs. He chased her out, but it turns out that either at that point or later she did hit it; she peed in it. I also had clothes stacked on my bed 'cause I'm too lazy to put them away, and she was lying on them or something at some point, and I noticed that she'd peed on them, too. Ironically enough, my Kitten shirt got the brunt of her wrath. She's a smart little bugger. :P :)

She was kinda hesistating around me when I was dealing with the laundry, so I told her I wasn't mad and she seemed to relax. Yes, I know, I anthropomorphize animals, but I just can't help it. No worries. So I did laundry and litterbox cleaning at 2 a.m. last night, instead of this morning, as I'd originally planned. :P It worked out a bit better, since this way I have clean laundry for tonight and I also slept in anyways. I gotta get moving, but just wanted to write that part before I forgot. Rest of my updates come later, and so far no message from the piercer. *shrug* Ah well.

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